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По умолчанию Assistant Trader (Recent Graduate/Student) - Sydney

Global quantitative trading company.
Location - Sydney CBD.

Assistant Trader (Recent Graduate/Student)

In this role you will:
Provide day to day administration and support to traders-maintain a smooth working environment for the trader
Liaise with trading desk and brokers
Prepare pricing sheets
Under direct supervision of a trader, be responsible for changing market prices and executing trades
Trade capture and reporting
Upload OTC trades to prime brokers
Reconcile positions market value between prime brokers and desk
Follow daily reports of dividends, earnings, and news. Communicate information to traders and produce reports for risk managers
Input systems parameters to generate option quotes based on theoretical options models, customer order flow and interaction with traders and brokers
Make sure trades settle correctly & fix breaks. Maintain positions and calculate profit and loss
Exceptional quantitative and analytic skills
4 Unit Maths
Knowledge of statistics and probability
Understanding of option price theory and models
Strong computer skills
Thorough mastery of Excel and Access
Understanding of Linux, SQL
Programming ability preferred
Basic Unix and scripting skills
Financial markets experience
Knowledge of financial products

Контакт: Олег [email protected]
Столько дел.. Столько дел.. Что боюсь не успею на все забить..
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