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всем привет. посмотрите мое "сочинение" времени заняло немало, но это первое essay, больше времени ушло на придумку, чем на написание. думаю, что следующие будут побыстрее даваться. Мне важно увидеть ошибки и получить оценку за такое творчество. вообще-то мне нужны 6, но буду готовиться к лучшему результату! а чтобы к нему стремиться нужно понять where I am at the moment.

Pepole used to think that the family played an important pole in society, but time have changed and now the family is much less important.
Do you agree or disagree with this statement?
The family has been being an important part of our life. But our life is changing day by day and we are changing with our life. By this time people have different opinion about a role of family in society. Nowadays it is not easy to find an answer to the question what role the family plays in our life. In this essay I shall look into this problem from different points of view.

Some people, despite the fact that they suggest the family is indeed an important part of our life, are not eager to start their own family. According to their opinion the family is too big responsibility and constant dependence. They would better have a good job and make a career. Sometimes freedom is the most important thing for the people. Many young couples live together without marriage and children. They have no any mutual commitments to each other. They enjoy such a life’s style.

Others believe that the family plays the main role in the society, giving us the most necessary thing n the world such as: love, respect, support, care. People find their happiness within the family, watching how their children grow up, trying to do everything possible for them. They are not afraid of difficulties, because they lend support to each other and give confidence. It is important when you can feel to be needed, when you are loved, when you can be proud of your children.

I fully agree that all people choose their own way to be happy, but personally I deeply believe that one day each person starts dreaming of his/her own family, because sooner or later people understand that the most important things are not money and career even not freedom, but love, care, confidence, support, exactly what the family gives.

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