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A lot of countries try to solve problems connecting with pupil’s action. It can be different reasons of such student behaviour .
I will try to discuss about this problem in this essay.

First of all students are not motivated for their study. They don`t know why they have to study. They simply go to school , only because they have to or it is an opportunity to see their friends. They do not understand the reason and the meaning of it. The first task for adults and teachers motivate them to study. Parents should explain their children, that education is very important in our life, that without it they can gain nothing. Moreover parents have to encourage children , if they study good and punish them if they are lazy. However teachers should also stimulate their pupils for study. It is important for students to know what they can already do well and what they have to improve. It should be a system of encouraging and punishment. For instance good marks, some activities as go together to the cinema or to the park. It is important for children to know that a teacher can deprive them all these activities, if their behaviour or progress are not so good.

Besides that children are the reflection of adults. Adults teach children hoe to behaviour themselves in this or that situation. They build the model of action. Moreover if they see a bad behaviour of their children, parents blame them. It is not true! We know cases when also teachers allow themselves to speak with pupils roughly. Therefore students do the same. They consider it is a norm, not to respect each other or not to pay attention . The solution of this problem, I think first of all adults have to show the good example to the children.

To summarize , I think it is important for children to see the norm of parents ` behaviour , adults should show them examples. They should not forget all adults can see themselves in their children. Moreover they have to use useful system of education, which includes punishment and encouragement.
А мне понравилось
только вот первые два предложения - о каком поведении идет речь?
ну и - First of all, For instance, Besides that, Moreover,.... пишуться через запятую

Ну какая я принцесса - я же в носу ковыряюсь.
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