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Hi to everyone!
I've passed the exam in april for necessary score (6), but now the conditions were changed and I need 7. So, I will be very grateful if you check my essay)))

Damage to environment is an inevitable consequence of the improvement in the standard of living. To what degree do you agree or disagree to this position?

Due to advancement of technologies, our lifestyle and habits change every day, as a result we can follow irreversible changes in surrounding environment. Some people guess that it is a normal process and we can do anything to stop it. But their opponents suppose that resent ecological situation is a reflection of our activity, in which each of us is driving force. I personally agree with last statement and suspect that human’s affect on environment is obvious.
First of all, because of permanent progress in all spheres, new technologies and devices come to our lives, moreover some of them become the things which we use every day. For example, the simple air-deodorant - mean to care about ourselves, which we use very common and believe that it absolutely safety and useful for us. However, sprays are harmful for an atmosphere, especially in huge amount.
Second of all, it is not a secret for everyone that the human is a main source of damage for our environment. The usual example of un-ecological behaviour is a picnic on the park where people relax, make a barbeque and sometimes do not care to pick up all garbage after themselves. So, environmental loss ac be the ramification of traditional event – picnic or walking on the park together with irresponsible manners of some people.
Taking into account all mentioned above, it is for sure that our lifestyle is full of different activity, that can affect us and environment. Furthermore, this question for someone is still controversial and open for debate, but strong conclusion will lead to solving the problem.

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