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Вот повествования выдачи визы, после звонка офицеру.

Thanks dear, much appreciated

Yes, less than half an hour. I am lucky Alhumdulillah.
What I did was, upload each and everything during the same day, then I waited for a day or two. It was mid of the week when CO got allocated, I called GSM Team during next working day in coming week exactly at 9 AM, luckily my call got through.

Just make sure you upload everything and don't leave a room for CO to all for something AGAIN. Form 80, 1221 were asked by him after CO saw an empty application. However, my medical tests were uploaded, it wasn't completely empty. He only asked if I wanted a grant today, and I was like that would be great lol and we laughed. Just a quick tip. Be patient, after I knew I did not upload anything the chances of a grant were 50% as I assumed. I covered myself by uploading extra things.

Extra documents:

-Polio Vaccination Certificate for all applicants
-Character Certificates from school and college
-Membership certificates from any department, in my case I uploaded engineering councils and bla bla
-Bank Statements
-Salary Slips
-Salary Certificates
-Contract Letters

He only asked me for an attested copy of passport biodata page after his allocation, rest all I uploaded colored copies. So I uploaded an attested colored copy for both applicants which was ready at my disposal.

On the phone, I practiced what I would talk. I kept all the information handy in case he asked for something. In the beginning he'll ask for your TRN or application ID, then he'll ask your name and DOB, then same for all applicants before you could talk about your application. After this period, start talking, that you have uploaded everything after CO assignment and you'd like to know about your application. He'll probably say, okay I'll analyze your application today and send email if anything is required. Tell him you've uploaded some helpful stuff, like I mentioned.

This was my experience, yours could be different. Wish you all the best, only call when your application is ready.

вот ссылка, не знаю, как тут по другому вставить, после http: убрать пробел нужно.
http: //www.expatforum.com/expats/australia-expat-forum-expats-living-australia/196210-189-190-visa-applicants-7988.html
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