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Hi BuIlDaLiBlE

I've just uploaded 2 documents for you to consider.

If you come here with the level you've got now, you'll need to complete 2 steps: Step 1 will get you to the stage equivalent to Australian Year 11 and Step 2 will get you the (NSW) Higher School Certificate. You'll find the documents here: http://www.gday.ru/forum/members/mai...ible-2969.html

Other states will have a similar system but you'll need to contact them for details. Again, TAFEs are run by states so there could be some minor differences.

I hope this helps.

Do keep asking questions if you need further information and clarification.
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всезнающая дама предпенсионного возраста, которая сама непонятно как попала в Австралию
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