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[QUOTE=Aman;5450283]PTE Academic: L50 R49 S32 W56
Grammar 78
Oral Fluency 10
Pronunciation 10
Spelling 19
Vocabulary 82
Written Discourse 56

2018/04/29: Scored Test B : L61 R49 S39 W63
Enabling skills:
Grammar 82
Oral Fluency 10
Pronunciation 10
Spelling 73
Vocabulary 74
Written Discourse 75

Well, to say, for the 3 rd time I managed to knock out the right score.
Listening - 90
Reading - 86
Speaking - 90
Writing - 81
Overall - 90 ( she was surprised, like on the average score should not have)

Enabling skills:
Grammar - 87
Oral fluency - 90
Pronunciation - 90
Spelling - 63 ( )
Vocabulary - 90
Written disclosure - 90

I did not devote much time to preparation, but concentrated on leafing and rating. For a successful point, I completely say thank you to "PTE EXAM PREPARATION .COM".I did not use any additional materials.

Reviews from other people on both lectures are on this site - PTE Essay Topics


can read about the results of the first attempt and test tests here PTE Academic vs IELTS
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