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Запись от Lyon'ka размещена 12.01.2018 в 18:46

Как-то по-странному устроен дневник, после каждой правки плодит новую запись. Думал удалить один из дублей, а удалились все версии.
Итак, вот моя вчерашняя запись (рекомендовали разобраться с пунктуацией, так что прямо сейчас и поправлю):

Ну что ж получив по опе от Maimiti_Isabella и od1n, я переделал свое эссе в соответствии с правилами, КАК ИХ ПОНЯЛ Я.

С удовольствием принимаются замечания - чего я не понял?

Today people prefer renting than buying a home. What are the advantages and disadvantages of renting your home?

Many people rent homes instead of buying them nowadays. Although there are many obvious advantages of being a tenant, there are some considerable disadvantages as well.

Life has changed dramatically over the recent years, many people do not have strong bonds to certain places these days, and renting a home allows them to be flexible in choosing the place to live, for example taking another job, one can chose to go to live near the new office. Also, many careers are related to moving from one city or country to another, so taking an apartment for rent is the quickest way to decide the matter of where to settle in a new place. It is also suitable for those who don't want to spend their time and money on renovations, repairing, and dealing with housing services themselves – it would all be done by the landlord or real-estate agency. Moreover, renters do not have to invest in refurbishment works, if they get tired of the interior, they can just move to another house. Furthermore, renting can be cheaper than mortgage payments, which in most cases can be the crucial criterion.

Although renting a home can be very beneficial as it has been said above, there are some drawbacks that should be also taken into consideration. First of all, it is not always easy to rent a good accomodation if there are no reference letters from previous lanlords or if a potential tenant has just arrived to the country and has no proves of his or her financial means. However, if one manages to get the desired house for rent, there are other issues further down the road. It is a common practice that in a rented house renovations and all other changes can not be done at the tenant's will, one should always bear in mind that there are rules set by the property owner that need to be obeyed. Those who rent have to ask the landlord for a permission to have a pet or to throw a party, and their request can be rejected. In addition to this, the dwellers might be asked to move out during the term of their tenancy if a landlord notifies them about his intention to sell the property.

In conclusion, although there are significant upsides to living in a rented home, there are also some serious downsides that should be taken into account. However, which side outweighs the other can only be decided according to a certain person's circumstances and considerations.
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