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Kununurra couple chase down thieves in nude to save ute

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  • Kununurra couple chase down thieves in nude to save ute

    A bare-bummed couple has chased down two would-be thieves after they attempted to steal the couple’s ute on Monday in Kununurra.

    Gregory May and his partner Saija Linnajaervi were woken to the sound of their vehicle’s engine at about 2am.

    Mr May told 6PR’s Liam Bartlett he noticed two young teens trying to steal the ute, so the pair jumped out of bed – naked – and chased them on foot.

    “We ran out the front, completely naked, and we saw it driving off down the road, so me and the missus we chased it down,” he said.

    “I ran up and jumped on the side-step, opened up the driver’s door, and as soon as they saw me they freaked out.”

    He said one of the teens “hit the accelerator” in attempt to get away.

    “They crashed it into a car, into a bin, and then into a fence to try and get me off, but I managed to get inside and overwhelm the driver and stop the vehicle.”

    The car was left with damage, but the couple managed to get it back after the teens fled the scene.

    “I got a small scratch on my arm so I am very lucky.”

    Mr May said the incident won’t stop him from sleeping nude in the future.

    “I haven’t worn them in 20 years, I’m not going to start now.”