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А Ликвидацию смотрели?

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  • А Ликвидацию смотрели?

    Любопытно, но рейтинг на imdb 8.6 - это много.

    Вот комментарий:

    First, i want to let you know that we are on a wave of watching Russian movies in the past few months. There are so many to choose from, more titles every week. I guess with Russia's industry having so much money as they do, they can afford to "bake" these movies every week. Actors blend in, music is lame. Story line is usually good, interesting twists. This movie is so different!! Actors-all talented. Characters seem to have their own life. Me and my boyfriend just watch this movie every night (mind you-14 parts). I fall asleep at 2 am. I come home from work and we watch it again. David Markovich is a head of a department of "war against bandits". Good looking guy, but has a heart condition. His family died at war (it is 1946, Odessa). He has no relatives, only two childhood friends Fima and Mark. Mark is a mental patient after war. Fima is an ex-con, now working with local cops, even though he doesn't get paid for it. Funny guy. Odessa is controlled by gangs, thieves, crooks. Cops are doing their best, but that is not enough. General Zhukov comes to Odessa and tries to solve this situation his own way. The main story line starts with cops finding a lot of stolen military things stored underground. while trying to work it out, Fima is killed, David meets a woman, adopts a kid, gets new partner in his investigation, gets arrested by NKVD, released, his place is blown up etc etc. Awesome awesome story line. I am rooting for Chekan and Lida. I really hope it will work out for two lovers, thieves. But deep inside i know they will never leave this place.

    Local speech is 100% true. The post war way of life, people, crime, bureaucracy system, political regime-you have to see it to believe it , how well it is all re-created on screen.

    keep in mind, i still have to watch 2 last parts. But i have heard that ending was unexpected in a very bad way.
    Обсудим кино?

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    Re: А Ликвидацию смотрели?

    Сообщение от Ника
    Обсудим кино?
    Все серии посмотреть не удалось, вернее сказать, забывалось, что идёт фильм. А это сигнал, что не цепляет. Мне показалось, что авторы попытались переплюнуть "место встречи изменить нельзя" А так же сцена, где главный герой Машкова падает с высоты вместе с персонажем Порейченкова тоже кажется слизанной у Ремарка. А так ничего, один раз посмотреть можно. Одесский диалект очень интересная фишка, оживляет, но что-то не то. Может слишком растянуто. Такое ощущение, будто в трусах слабая резинка, вот-вот спадут. Актёрский состав интересный, правда Меньшов в роли Жукова слабоват, после Ульянова играть Жукова провально априори. В общем, натянутая четвёрка.