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Дополнительные баллы за партнеров

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  • Дополнительные баллы за партнеров

    Выдержка из нового бюджета на 2019/20 фин.год:

    С ноября 2019 планируется введение дополнительныx баллов за партнеров с Competent English, но без подтвержденной квалификации из списка, или старше 45 лет, а также для одиноких заявителей. Полная ссылка на стр. 11 данного документа: https://www.budget.gov.au/2019-20/co...wnload/bp2.pdf

    "From November 2019, the Skilled Migration Points Test will be adjusted to award additional points to primary applicants when their partner has competent English but does not meet the existing requirements for skilled partner points. Single applicants will also be awarded additional points to ensure they are not disadvantaged. This measure is estimated to result in an unquantifiable increase in revenue over the forward estimates period. The Department of Home Affairs will be provided with $0.3 million in 2019-20 to implement this measure.
    The Skilled Migration Points Test currently awards additional points to primary applicants where their partner is under 45 years old, has competent English, and has a skilled occupation applicable for the visa subclass and stream they have been invited to apply for.
    These changes will prioritise applicants who are single or whose partner can demonstrate competent English and therefore have the best potential to participate in the Australian labour market".
    Marina Matushenko
    Migration Agent Registration Number 0324792
    NAATI No 43877
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Web: http://www.sydneymigrationspecialists.com.au/