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How to pass PTE Academic with 79+ (eqv. IELTS 8)

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  • How to pass PTE Academic with 79+ (eqv. IELTS 8)

    Hey all,В 
    This week I took PTE Academic for the first time and scored well (to my surprise!). I've been living in Australia for just a few years and recently decided to enrol in a university, got a lot of credits from my previous degrees too. Anyway...

    The most challenging section of the test is Reading, IMHO. The texts were not as easy as in an official mock test atВ pearsonpte.com.В Multiple-choice, choose multiple answer is the trickiest task of the section due to the similarity of possible answers and the complexity of the texts which are overloaded with "fancy words".В 

    I've attached my results btw. All my preparation mostly consisted of watching these Youtube channels:

    E2 PTE Academic https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvS...AKn-ThHWhAhoAg (btw, don't enrol in their e2 school unless your level is Intermediate or lower, there's very little advanced material; I found it to be mostly useless)

    TED-EdВ https://www.youtube.com/teded/videos (boosts your academic vocab really well)

    Reading articles at Google Scholar might have helped too.В Besides, I watched random university lectures on the topics that interested me atm. It's important because for listening tasks PTE uses authentic university recordings withВ real professors' voices. The quality of the recordings differs dramatically, so expect to adjust volume during the exam. Some speak much faster than the others, too, and sometimes it's barely intelligible.В 

    As for Speaking and Writing, my preparation efforts were not so intense. I have a natural inclination for producing texts relatively easily, as soon as I had a reasonable amount of input (mostly reading) before. The topic of my essay was about the importance of written examinations, or something like that, so it was easy.В 

    Speaking in PTE is harder than writing though, again, IMHO. Describe Image and Re-tell Lecture assess your ability to think, write notes and speak really fast and fluent, with no pauses at all. That's why I have only 66 for my oral fluency, I didn't prepare well enough for the two tasks. Be sure to make notes for Re-tell lecture, practice your note-writing skills. Some even develop special methods for it, but I couldn't care less because I knew I would score well enough in other sections.В 

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    Feel free to ask me any questions!


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      Просто напоминаю, что 1 декабря 2020 соответствие PTE и IELTS изменилось, в худшую для PTE сторону (на хороших уровнях). Теперь 8кa по IELTS соответствует 84 по PTE

      Посмотреть новую таблицу можно здесь:В https://pearsonpte.com/wp-content/up...LE1-scaled.jpg
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